Citizenship Program ALbania General Facts

Citizenship Program ALbania General Facts | Buy Passport from GCI. We are the world's leading experts in advising foreign investors on Citizenship & Residency by Investment.

Passport will only be issued after 3-4 months. This does not mean you have to live all the time in Albania. The total all inclusive costs (Govt fee + Due diligence + Lawyer fee + Background Checks Fees etc) for one person should come around approx 112,500 EUR. Additional costs apply for dependants and family members incl. our Agency fees. Visa-free travel to over 100 countries around the world, including EU Schengen states, Switzerland, Russian Federation, Hong Kong, Brazil, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia and Argentina. In exchange for citizenship, the investors have the choice for either purchase an approved real estate in Albania, either to make a donation to a Development Government Fund, or to invest in the Business with a minimum of 500,000 EUR.

Taxes policy in Albania:

Albania flat general rate of taxes is just 10%.
For investors in the business area, 5 years tax exemption is promised.
Furthermore, any worker who comes from Albania, funded with 10,000 EUR per year.

GCI is the inventor, planner and designer of the Citiznship by Investment program especially for entrepreneurs and managers. We have proposed the government's program and are in contact with the authorities. The program and the idea is in the process. Until it is approved by the government and is legimitized, we help the investors to apply for citizenship over the Ministry of Economic and intern Affairs. Through our contacts with the government, we are able to significantly speed up the process.