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Panama Permanent Residency Visas. Panama uses several long-term residency visa programs. Immigrants have several options to choose from in order to live completely in Panama.

Here is a list with a brief explanation of every Panama immigration visa that grants long-term residency:

  • Panama Friendly Nations Visa.
  • If you are a resident from one of the 50 pleasant countries listed below as well as desire to transfer to Panama in order to carry out economic or professional company tasks, you can qualify for this fast track irreversible residency program:
    • Andorra, Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, Ireland, Israel, Japan, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, Marino, Montenegro, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Serbia, Singapore, Slovakia, Spain, South Africa, South Korea, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, USA of America, Uruguay, UK (Great Britain & Northern Ireland).

Clearing Up the Residency Needs

The words "specialist as well as financial connections with the Republic of Panama" indicates that people of these 50 nations must establish specialist or financial relationship with Panama. This can be achieved by either of the following two alternatives:

Alternative 1:

Establish a brand-new Panama firm (or buy an existing Panama corporation). This alternative shows an "Economic Activity", which suggests the applicant has a Panama company (either a newly set-up company, or acquire an existing company) which does service in Panama. Please note that Foreigners (non-Panamanian residents) are restricted from owning a Panama "Retail" organisation.

Alternative 2:

Be hired to function as a worker for an existing Panama company.

This alternative option shows "Specialist Activity", suggesting the applicant should be used by an expert Panama company, must obtain a Panama work authorization, and also need to be signed up with Panama's Social Protection system. In this case, evidence of income such as the work incomes have to be offered by the company. Papers showing these tasks need to be sent. Please note that Immigrants (non-Panamanian residents) are prohibited from exercising certain occupations such as: medical & vet medical professionals, attorneys, engineers, as well as designers.

In either of the above Choices, Proof of Economic Solvency is a requirement. This requirement can be met by opening up a Panama checking account, as well as depositing a minimum of $5,000 USD (plus $2,000 for each dependant). Whether an applicant is solvent sufficient is not plainly defined, leaving the issue as much as the discretion of the immigration officials.

Dependants include the spouse as well as kids up to the age of 25 if they are full time college student. The candidate must supply a written letter of responsibility pertaining to the dependants. Every son or daughter dependant over the age of 18 have to verify they are not wed by giving an authenticated certificate of "solitary" standing (not married) from their particular nation.

After the application is submitted along with all needed papers the immigration office will release a one year short-term residency card (carnet) which will certainly be changed by a permanent residency card once the application is approved.

Once the application has actually been accepted, the Customer/ Applicant can request a Work Authorization. Panama's President recently provided a Presidential Mandate ordering Panama's Ministry of Labor to fast lane acceptance of job allows for the 50 friendly country's residents.

Crucial Documentation & Procedures:

Organizing: Client/ Applicant( s) need to call our law offices with a minimum of thirty days prior see to set up consultations & coordinate documents that is needed for migration processing. Please keep in mind that the migration application procedure takes a total amount of around 7 to 9 company days, so intend on being in Panama City for at the very least that time framework.

Record Legitimacy: All required documents should be just recently issued within 90 days (3 months) before the discussion of the Panama migration residency application.

Document Verification: All needed documents for immigration handling should be apostilled or verified by the Panamanian Consular office in the country of issue.

Record Evaluation: All needed files for immigration handling need to be sent out using checked e-mail or fax to our legislation workplaces for review and also approval, at least thirty day before client/ applicant( s) arrival in Panama.

File Preparation: For highest degree of effectiveness and also time savings during applicants' journey to Panama, we recommend applicants' to send out to our law offices (by courier) all needed as well as duly confirmed or apostilled documents, at least 2 weeks before applicants' arrival in Panama. This will certainly allow our lawyers adequate time to refine the required verifications of the documents at the Ministry of Foreign Relations.

Clients With Dual Races: If the Client/ Applicant has two (2) various Citizenships (Passports), then at the moment of "access" into the Nation of Panama (at the airport terminal or boundary), the client/ candidate should go into Panama using the exact same Key that will certainly be made use of for the Panama Immigration residency application, and also stated ticket ought to be marked when getting in Panama. The called for files for immigration processing that the candidate need to provide (police/criminal history report, etc.) must be released in the very same nation of the applicants' key, because if not then the candidate would need to offer proof that they are citizens in the nation where the files are released from.

Friendly Nations Visa Required Migration Documents

Regulation 3 of 2008 under Post 28 needs the complying with files from an applicant:

  1. Eight (8) Passport Size Photos Per Candidate
  2. Criminal history background check from the candidate's country of origin or the country where he/she has lived for both previous years. The Panama migration division calls for the candidate to give a verified criminal history record issued by a "federal", "central", or "nationwide" law enforcement agency or criminal investigation authority. This record should be verified by the Embassy or Consulate of Panama, or Apostilled. If the applicant offers a criminal background check from another country they must also offer an identification from claimed nation which can be a motorists certificate or any kind of other government provided ID
  3. If the applicant is providing a criminal background record from a nation where he/she is not a person, however a resident, the applicant should provide the legal residency recognition, of said country, which must be authenticated by the Consular office or Consular Office of Panama, or Apostilled.

    If the applicant has been residing in Panama for the previous 2 successive years (without leaving the country) the criminal background check must be prepared by the national cops (DIJ) in Panama.

  4. Panama migration will require the nationwide criminal history record to be authenticated by a Panamanian Consular Office or Consulate, from the nation that provided the record or by Apostille, which is a worldwide identified federal government agency authentication of its released documents by connecting particular seals to the record. Get in touch with Us for a list of Panama Consulates Worldwide or learn more regarding an apostille.
  5. Note 1: The criminal history background check has a validity regard to 3 to 6 months from its issuance date, depending upon the specific race of the customer/ candidate, according to the Immigration Department of Panama.

    Note 2: Between the issuance date of your criminal history background check, as well as your Provisional Residency application, there can be only "one (1) entry stamp" in your passport in the Republic of Panama. This implies that after the day of your last journey to the Republic of Panama (Stage 1), and also prior to your complying with journey for your provisional residency application (Stage 2), you need to refine your Criminal history background check (Police Report) as discussed previously in the called for papers.

  6. A written Declaration describing the economic or expert activities to be performed by the applicant in Panama.
  7. These can be discussed in the following way:

    Option (a) Economic Task: Give documents that the candidate belongs to the Board of Supervisors or bulk shareholder (50%) of a Panama Corporation or is the owner of a Panama firm. If the Panama Corporation or Panama Company is brand-new, give proof of its franchise business tax obligation being paid. If the company or company is over one year old, supply proof of its tax return, and good standing certificate. In other words, the applicant needs to set up a Panama Company and be selected in the Board of Directors. This Firm should be existing till the Residency procedure is approved. Under the present law, the corporation does not require to be active in service, it just requires to be developed (etched in the Public Computer Registry of Panama).

    Note: The financial activity of the firm can not be one scheduled for Panamanian nationals such as a retail service.

    Alternative (b) Specialist Task: A professional activity is a task or job agreement with a Panamanian company. The applicant has to give evidence of an employment contract, the business must be signed up with Panama Social Safety And Security, as well as the applicant needs to obtain a social safety card and also job allow. There are several ways to acquire a Panama job license including the allowed 10% foreign employees or the Marrakech Treaty (which enables Panamanian business to hire a particular percent of foreigners). The specialist activity can not be one reserved just for Panama nationals such as a lawyer, designer, designer, medical doctor or vet physician.

  8. 4. Replicate of Candidate's second I.D. (apart from Passport): Provided from candidate's native land, such as a motorist's certificate or federal government issued image I.D. This requirement is in enhancement to the key to verify residency and citizenship. This file must be Apostilled or confirmed by a Panamanian Consulate where the file is provided. If you do not possess a second ID from your country of origin you can give a birth certification that is apostilled or verified by the Panamanian consular office in the country of issuance.
  9. Proof of Solvency: Along with the files that show the candidate's financial or specialist task the candidate should likewise provide the following:
  10. (a) Evidence from a Panama bank that the applicant contends the very least $5,000 USD transferred, plus $2,000 USD for each and every reliant-- this is done by requesting a financial institution letter of reference.

    (b) Proof of earnings such as work wage with a letter from the employer which includes applicant's social protection number and work permit.

    Keep In Mind: Part (b) is vague which can be interpreted by Panama immigration at its discretion to verify the candidate's solvency.

  11. Dependants require a letter of obligation from the key candidate (we will draft this letter of duty).
  12. (a) Client must offer proof that the dependants relate either with a "birth certificate", if youngsters, or if it's a partner, a "marital relationship certification". This document must be Apostilled or validated by a Panamanian Consulate where the document is provided. This document has to be released within 6 (6) months prior to the residency application day (this indicates that at the time of application, this file should not be over 6 months old).

    (b) Dependants other than a partner can use up until the age of 25 if enrolled as full-time university students or are impaired, as well as need to supply a confirmed certification of single standing (not wed).

    (c) Dependants over the age of 18 should submit a sworn statement that they are single (not married) which need to be Apostilled or validated by a Panamanian consulate.

  13. Personal Sworn statement describing the purpose for seeking Panama Permanent Residency and capability to support family members and dependents. (This form will certainly be supplied by Panama Offshore Legal Service's immigration attorney.).

In "summary", client has to provide with:

1. 8 (8) passport size pictures.

2. Criminal history background check, appropriately confirmed by the Consular office or Consular Office of Panama, or Apostilled.

3. Duplicate of Applicant's second I.D. (various than Key) from applicant's native land such as vehicle driver's permit or federal government provided picture I.D., properly authenticated by the Consular office or Consulate of Panama, or Apostilled.

4. Birth certification, if dependants are children, or if dependant is a spouse, a Marriage certificate, duly validated by the Consular office or Consulate of Panama, or Apostilled.

5. A bank recommendation letter, from a qualified bank in Panama, dealt with to: "Servicio Nacional de Migracion", that licenses that the applicant has at the very least US$ 5,000 USD deposited in a "individual bank account" (in clients personal name) plus the quantity of US$ 2,000 USD must be deposited for each and every dependant.

6. Accreditation from the Public Computer Registry of Panama, licensing that the applicant appears on the board of supervisors of the Panama Company.

Needed Records that our GCI Unit Firm will refine:

1. Application for Permanent Residency with an Unique Power of Lawyer licensing our GCI Device by TCME Worldwide Team to act on part of the applicant, duly validated by a Panamanian Public Notary with the appropriate federal government stamps.

2. Copy of the whole passport sworn by a Panama Public Notary.

3. Original medical checkup record from a certified Panama medical doctor. Our paralegal will directly accompany Customer to the center for the medical checkup.

4. Two Qualified Checks:

(a) $250 USD for "Tesoro Nacional" (National Treasury) for immigration charges; and also.

(b) $800 USD for "Servicio Nacional de Migracion" (National Immigration Service) for repatriation functions (expulsion fund).

CRUCIAL: As soon as immigration has actually provided a resolution of an authorization (or denial) of the application of residency, the above stated checks are then non-refundable.

5. Official translations, authorized by an accredited official public translator from the Republic of Panama, of all files from the English to the Spanish language. If records are in a various language than English and also Spanish, then the Customer must pay the costs of the particular licensed main public translator in Panama to convert the records from whatever language they remain in to Spanish.

Visa Application Procedure & Stages:

The adhering to are the actions associated with making an application for the residency program:

Stage 1 (Journey No. 1 to Panama): Open a Personal Checking Account in Panama:

The primary step is to open up an individual savings account in a qualified Financial institution in Panama. To begin the account opening procedure, you just require to be in Panama for 1 organisation day, to talk to with the banker, sign the financial institution kinds, as well as submit the needed documentation to the financial institution.

The time frame for really opening up a personal savings account in Panama differs depending on what bank you open the account with. The bank account opening up process can take 1 day or it could take as much as 1 month, relying on the bank you pick to open the account with, as well as depending upon the sustaining documents you offer to the financial institution, considering that all financial institutions need doing a due diligence investigation on the customer before the account approval. If you open the account through the financial institutions that we suggest, and also you give all the needed documentation, the account can be opened up extremely promptly, in as little as 1 day for the most part. When your personal bank account is approved by the bank, you require to money it and also make a minimum down payment of US$ 5,000.00 for qualifying for the residency process, plus you require to include US$ 2,000.00 per reliant you intend to consist of.

Please contact us prior to your check out, if you desire us to aid you with establishing an interview with a bank officer to attend you. We will certainly assist you via the account opening process as well as aid you ahead ready so you do not lose time.

The standard needs by the financial institution for your personal savings account are:

  • Key copy.
  • 2nd I.D. copy (as an example: motorists permit, state or country I.D.).
  • Initial bank referral letter, addressed to the financial institution in Panama where you are relating to open up the account. This letter needs to be issued within 3 months from the account application day as well as must have an email or telephone number from the providing financial institution to make sure that the financial institution in Panama can validate the letter.
  • Annual tax declaration, employment letter, or retirement earnings file (record that proves your income). This demand is very essential given that the financial institution needs to recognize exactly how you make money or the resource of your funds to be deposited to the account.
  • Personal return to/ educational program vitae, explaining your education and learning and also job history.
  • Letter dealt with to the bank, explaining the purpose of developing the savings account, what banking solutions will certainly be called for such as checking/savings account, debit card, bank card, online banking, etc, the estimated monthly deposits/ withdrawals, and also approximated ordinary equilibrium of the account.
  • Any type of various other documentation that the financial institution may require from the client/ candidate.
  • Individual meeting needed at the bank.

We suggest that when you come to Panama, be prepared to interview with 2 various financial institutions just in instance, in order to guarantee that you will get an account opened up, because some financial institutions might deny the account, depending upon the due diligence paperwork supplied.

Phase 2 (Journey No. 2 to Panama): Key Registration and also Provisional Residency Application:.

In this Stage we would need your stay for minimum of 7 to 9 organisation days as follows:

  • At 8:00 a.m. Client/ Applicant( s) need to satisfy at our law workplace with 2 (2) Passport size photos, US$ 5.00 in cash money, as well as the actual original physical ticket in hand.

    At around 8:30 a.m., our Immigration Lawyer and/or Legal assistant will certainly assist the Client( s) to the government Migration workplace of Panama City. The key registration procedure is generally carried out in the exact same day, nevertheless, the moment it takes will depend on the quantity of applicants in advance of you in line, so the earlier you get there the better.

    The Panama immigration workplace will certainly position a "stamp" in the applicants Key that will certainly show a Registration number, which is made use of throughout the immigration process, which is why it is additionally advisable that the passport utilized should contend least 1 to 2 years time continuing to be prior to the passport expiration day. When the key is registered at the Panama Migration workplace, the candidate will receive their passport back. Customer should maintain a xerox of their key and entrance stamp web page with them at all times in Panama.

  • Client/ Applicant( s) existence is NOT called for

    A complete photocopy of the candidates' key (consisting of a copy of the Panama Immigration Enrollment stamp web page) should be made and also it must be authenticated by a Public Notary in Panama, which needs that we have the key easily accessible. If time licenses, this action could be finished on Day 1.

    Other files such as the Health And Wellness Certificate (this can only be done in Panama, with a Licensed Medical Physician in Panama), authentication of all files, and translation to the Spanish language of all papers that are provided outside of Panama, and so on. There is an opportunity that we might expedite the authentications and also translations of papers, if the customer/ candidate( s) delivers all files to our law office by carrier before their arrival in Panama. Of course (as mentioned over), customer ought to constantly check and also email or fax these records to our regulation workplaces prior to their arrival in Panama, for confirmation purposes to guarantee that the files are prepared properly.

  • Client/ Applicant( s) existence is NOT needed, however, we will need to keep candidate( s) original key for the immigration application discussion. The passport will be returned the very same day or the following service day.

    If all files are ready, confirmed, converted to Spanish, as well as the finished bundle with a full collection of copies for the Migration workplace prepares, after that our Attorney/Paralegal will certainly submit the application by going to the Immigration workplace early in the early morning.

  • Client/ Candidate( s) presence IS needed.

    At 8:00 a.m., the customer/ applicant( s) must meet at our law workplace.

    At around 8:30 a.m. our Immigration Attorney/ Paralegal will certainly guide the Customer/ Candidate( s) to the federal government Migration office for the Temporary Residency Card issuance. A photograph of the customer/ applicant( s) will certainly be taken at the Migration office, as well as the Client/ Applicant will certainly obtain a "Temporary Resident Card" (I.D. Card). This card will have a legitimacy of one (1) year, which suggests that within that a person (1) year the Migration workplace must authorize the client/ candidates' residency resolution. From our experience, the Immigration workplace usually authorizes this residency program in 3 to 6 months period.

    At around 8:30 a.m. our Immigration Attorney/ Paralegal will certainly guide the Customer/ Candidate( s) to the federal government Migration office for the Temporary Residency Card issuance. A photograph of the customer/ applicant( s) will certainly be taken at the Migration office, as well as the Client/ Applicant will certainly obtain a "Temporary Resident Card" (I.D. Card). This card will have a legitimacy of one (1) year, which suggests that within that a person (1) year the Migration workplace must authorize the client/ candidates' residency resolution. From our experience, the Immigration workplace usually authorizes this residency program in 3 to 6 months period.

    Applicant( s) will certainly keep their Temporary Residency Card and also a print of their Passport with a print of the most current access to Panama stamped web page.

  • Once the "Momentary Residency Card" is acquired, Client( s)/ Applicant( s) need a Multiple Leave and also Access Visa, in order to leave and also get in the nation.

    Customer/ Applicant( s) presence is NOT required, nevertheless, our lawyer/ legal assistant will require to have applicant( s) original passport for the presentation of the Numerous Entry-Exit Visa, which approval will certainly take approximately 3 company days. Candidate( s) will receive their original ticket back as soon as the Numerous Entry-Exit Visa is completed (3 service days).

    Our Attorney/Paralegal will submit the application for the candidate( s) Multiple Entry-Exit Visa, which is needed for applicant( s) to travel out of and into the Republic of Panama.

    VITAL KEEP IN MIND: If you leave Panama without the Multiple Entry-Exit Visa, a penalty of US$ 2,000.00 will certainly be applied by the Immigration officials.

  • Customer/ Applicant( s) presence is NOT needed.

    Our Attorney/ Paralegal will certainly go to the Immigration workplace to accumulate applicant( s) original Key with the stamp of the Multiple Entry-Exit Visa, and also candidate( s) might pick up their passport( s) at our legislation office that mid-day.


When the residency application has been submitted, the Migration office will take several months to refine the resolution of authorization. Our immigration lawyer and paralegals will certainly execute an once a week follow-up at the Immigration workplace and also all the various divisions where the paperwork is processed, as well as will inform you by email or phone, when the resolution of authorization is issued, at which point you will certainly need to go back to Panama to proceed the migration procedure. Usually you will have a regard to 3 months to find to Panama, when the resolution of authorization is issued, so you will be educated in advance.

Phase 3 (Trip No. 3 to Panama): Irreversible Residency Authorization (at the Immigration):

As soon as the irreversible residency resolution is issued with the approval, you will have a regard to 3 months ahead to Panama to get your photo I.D. card at the Migration workplace. One (1) company day is needed for this procedure.

Phase 4 (Trip No. 4 to Panama): Long-term Residency Card (at the Civil Windows Registry):

As soon as your long-term residency card is released by the National Migration Service, you can request the permanent residency card issued by the Civil Windows registry (" cedula"), which is optional.

This procedure, from Stage 3 till Phase 4, could take about 2 to 3 months, for the Migration Documents to get to the Civil Computer registry. After that, the Customer will be needed to just concern Panama and also stay 2 or 3 business days for this 4th phase.

As Soon As our Immigration Lawyer or Paralegal informs you that the permanent residency card is ready at the Civil Computer Registry of Panama, you would need to make a trip for one (1) business day to authorize the card and to take your photo at the Civil Windows registry.

Our outstanding team of expert specialists has been meticulously picked and also works towards our business ethos:

Focused on you - our Client.

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