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About us

About us | Get Second Passport from GCI. We are developing solid investment opportunities for our clients around the world to acquire a permanent residence, a second passport and a second citizenship. Specialized in Citizenship Program and Residence Planning around the world.

Who we are

GCI - Global Citizenship Investment is a subsidiary of The Consultant Middle East Ltd., one of the world's leading foreign direct investment and immigration investment companies. We advise and assist both wealthy individuals and their families in selecting suitable investor immigration programs to enable them to live in the most hospitable, prosperous and secure countries in the world, as well as governments in planning, designing and executing such programs. The aim of such programs is to increase the attractiveness of a country to international entrepreneurs and investors and to create more favorable conditions for foreign direct investment.

Our legal team of specialist immigration lawyers has more than 25 years of experience in this area and is one of the most recognized in the global immigration industry. The executive level of our company is a team of highly talented, highly experienced and dynamic executives, many of whom have different cultural backgrounds. All managers have many years of experience and are specialists in advising high net worth clients, foreign investors and governments. Core areas of our consulting services are Citizenship and Residence planning, foreign direct and immigration investments.

This also applies to our worldwide network of certified partners, consisting of political advisors, foreign direct investment specialists and legal experts. Over the last few years, we have been able to successfully advise and support many governments on such projects with our partner network.

The growth of this market is enormous and will continue to increase dramatically over the next few years. More and more countries around the world have realized that they need to find new ways to attract foreign investors to their country.

At GCI - Global Citizenship Investment, we take this challenge every day with pleasure. According to our company philosophy: "Focus on you - our customers. YOUR CHANCE FOR A BETTER LIFE."

Board Member & Board Advisor

GCI Board of Advisors is an independent, non-executive group of distinguished individuals who from time to time consult with the firm's senior management on strategy and important issues, new business ideas, philanthropic initiatives and other matters. The Board of Advisors meets at least once a year and is currently made up of the following individuals:

Board Member

  • Uwe Zirbes
    Board Member
    21 Years CEO hunting heads Group

  • Dr. Jens Oliver Schuster
    Board Member China

  • Holger Fährmann
    Board Member, CTO & CMO

Board Advisor

  • Uwe Klenk
    Board Advisor
    15 Years CMO Walmart USA

  • Sajjad Mahmud
    Board Advisor India

  • Elmar Sachsenhauser
    Board Avisor Iraq

  • Vladimir Kogan
    Board Advisor USA
    Shareholder of Bukh Global Partners

  • Taleb Adbulrehman Al Saleh
    Board Advisor Middle East

  • Mudassar Quarban
    Board Advisor Pakistan

  • Anil Kehtan
    Board Advisor Singapore

  • Axel Seide
    Board Advisor Thailand

  • Shahriar Ahmed
    Board Advisor Bangladesh

  • Adetunji Olorunfemi
    Board Advisor Africa

  • Robert Rokvick
    Board Advisor Vanuatu

  • Sergej Z.
    Board Advisor Moldova

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