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Russia has a proposed a new economic citizenship by investment for investors who can directly acquire citizenship and passport either by donation to a charity to the Russian Government.

We have already started Russian passport program. Please contact us for a free quote. Please note that Russia passport is issued for 5 and 10 yrs validity and can be renewed after expiration, you must have met 90 days residency requirement.

Benefits and advantages

- The passport of Russia has 5 and 10 year validity period.
- The Russian Citizenship by Investment program requires only 90 days of physical presence during the initial 1 year period.
- Pick-up of the Russian passport can be undertaken either in Russian Federal Migration Services Office or at an Embassy, High Commission or Consular Office of Russia.
- Russia passport provides visa free access to approximately 100 countries
- We provide the real estate acquisition, legal, financial management and property asset management services.

Procedure and conditions for Russia Residence Visa

Per sections 1(g) and 1(h) of the statute below, there are two paths to a second passport by investment in Russia. The first is for the entrepreneur or self-employed individual. Move your business to Russia and, if your taxable profits from that business are 10 million rubles or more over in each of the next three years, you will earn citizenship. The second is for a specially skilled worker who invests in to a large business. Invest 10 million rubles, own at least 10% of the total shares after the investment, with a total capitalization of at least 100 million rubles, and pay taxes of at least 6 million rubles per year for three years, and you will qualify for citizenship. At the time of this writing (February 19, 2015), 10 million rubles is about USD 162,000 and 100 million rubles is about USD 1.6 million.

So, start a business in Russia that has net profits of USD 161,000 and you qualify for a second passport as a self employed businessman. Otherwise, you can buy at least 10% of a business with total capital of USD 1.6 million and which pays USD 161,000 per year in taxes. This second option can be done as an investment group or as an individual. For example, you could invest USD 2 million and own 100% of the shares. To qualify under this section, you must also be bringing an important skill with you in to the country.

The proposals (Limited Time Offer) under the citizenship program are:

- 7,500,000 rubles donation to National fund (or)
- 15,000,000 rubles investment in real estate (or)
- 35,000,000 rubles business investment

Passport is issued in a fast and easy way within 2-3 months with a 5yr non-biometric and 10 yr biometric option. Please advise us if you have time restraints and need to obtain your documents faster and we can expedite your application.

Fee and costs

The Government is offering a Limited offer for early bird applications and the investment amount under FMS only USD 250,000 plus the Government fee is waived for 3 additional applicants.

Minimum Investment (NDF USD 250,000 or real estate 15,000,000 rubles investment in realestate) + Due Diligence Fee (USD 7500) + Government Fee: (USD 50,000) + Lawyer Fee (mentioned in quote) + Passport fee (USD 300)

Note: The total costs will come around USD 292,000 per person. Additional costs apply for dependents and family members. Please contact us for accurate quote.

Visa free travel with a Russian passport

We usually value a passport by the number of visa free countries it offers. Using this criteria, a second passport from Russia is one of the best. A person traveling on a Russian passport may visit 78 countries visa free. Plus, another 24 will issue a visa upon arrival and 9 will grant an electronic visa. So, by our count, about 102 countries are easily accessible.

Some “easy access” countries are: Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, South Korea, Mexico, Most of the Caribbean, Panama and Hong Kong.

Taxes policy in Russia

You may elect to be treated as a foreign national and non-tax resident of Russia during your first three years before citizenship is granted. To avoid becoming a tax resident, you shouldn’t spend more than 183 days in country during any 12 month period. A non-resident is taxed on their Russian sourced income as follows:

Ordinary income from within Russia: 30%. If you obtain a visa as a “highly skilled specialist,” this is reduced to 13%.

- Dividends from Russian companies: 15%
- Gains from real estate are taxed at 30%

If you become a tax resident of  Russia during those 3 years, and once you receive your passport, you’ll pay Russian tax on your worldwide income as follows:
- Ordinary income: 13% – also applies to most other types of income such as short term capital gains
- Dividends from Russian companies: 9%
- Long term capital gains in real estate (property held for over 3 years) is tax free.

Russia operates on a flat tax. They deduct either 13% or 30% from your pay and 9% or 15% from dividend payments.

Any more questions about the Russian Residence Program? Please get in contact with us.

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